The Astronomical Clock

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The Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock is the biggest Prague´s attraction. It was created by master Mikuláš of Kadaň in 1410. He was a clockmaker at the court of Wenceslas IV. As only one horologe in the world it displays the Babylonian time. In 1490 master Hanuš then improved machinery and  between 1553-60 it was again improved by Jan Táborský. Between 1692-1787 and then even a long time in the 19th century the Horologe was not function. Today´s appearance the Horologe obtained in 1865 during  a big reconstruction. Within the  Prague Uprising in May 1945 the Old Town Hall burnt down, the Horologe was also sorely damaged but it was successfully reconstructed. The statues are a work of Josef Sucharda from 1948, they replaced the older ones from 1864, which burnt down within the May Uprising. The Horologe with a clock-face is a soul of the whole mechanism. A hand with a sun showing hours in a  fact clocks three different times. The first one is so called the Old Czech time which is marked by an external dial with the medieval Arabic figures. The Present time is shown on a dial with the Roman figures. The third one is the Babylonian time that a  period of a daily light divided by 12 hours representing a visible part of a sky. The Horologe shows even a movement of the Sun and Moon throughout of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. At a bottom part there is the Calendar from 1865, a rotary disk with twelve circular pictures symbolizing the individual months. It was created by Josef Mánes.

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