Prague Castle, Royal Garden and Stag Moat

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Royal Garden
Tour is available from April until October.

Besides a visit of Prague Castle interiors the Tour also includes visit of the Royal Garden and Stag Moat. The Royal Garden is the oldest and the largest decorative garden of Prague Castle. It was founded in 1534 by Ferdinand I Hapsburg. Many valuable plants and shrubs were planted here. By the way, for the first time in Europe tulips were grown here, even before they spread to the Netherlands. Stag moat is in fact a deep ravine, through which the Brusnice stream flows. In the Middle Ages it provided Castle with a perfect, natural fortification.

Tour category: walking tour. On foot only. 

Time of duration: 4 hours

Available: English/Russian speaking guide

Price: 100 EUR/1-10 persons, for any person more you pay an additional payment 2 EUR/1 person.

Tour includes visit to the Castle interiors. The entrance tickets are to be paid separately. Price is 250,-CZK (9,5 EUR)/1 person.

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