Jewish Quarter

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Jewish QuarterAccording to an information from the old written documents Jews in Prague has already appeared in the 10th century. From this time Jewish community started to play a very important economic and cultural role not only in Prague but also in the Czech lands. Until the beginning of the World War II about 120 000 Jews lived in the area of today´s Czech Republic. At present only 6000 Jews live here. During this tour you will learn all history about Prague Jewish community, its customs and traditions. You will hear interesting facts about famous Jews like Rabbi Loew, Mordecai Maisel, Jacob Bassevi, Avigdor Karo, David Gans, David Oppenheim. The tour includes visit to the Old Jewish Cemetary, the Pinkas synagogue, the Klausen synagogue, the Maisel synagogue, the Spanish synagogue and the Ceremonial Hall.

Tour category: walking tour. On foot only. 

Time of duration: 3 hours

Available: English speaking guide

Price: 80 EUR/1-4 persons, for any person more you pay an additional payment 4 EUR/1 person.

Tour includes visit to the interiors of the Jewish Museum. The entrance tickets are to be paid separately. Price is 300,-CZK (11 EUR)/1 person.

Visit of the Old New Synagogue is paid separately and costs 200,-CZK (7,5 EUR)/1 person. 

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