Prague Transfers

Transfer from/to airport, from/to railway station.

Number of persons One way only Transfer and return back Guide assistance
 1 - 3  30,-EUR   50,-EUR   +50,-EUR 
 4 - 6  40,-EUR   60,-EUR   +50,-EUR 
 7 -10  60,-EUR   75,-EUR   +50,-EUR 

All cars and minibuses are provided by air-conditioning, comfortable and fulfil all standarts necessary for comfortable travelling. The above mentioned prices are end prices.

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Tickets for Different Cultural Events in Prague

Tickets for the Different Cultural Events in Prague

We offer a possibility to arrange the tickets to visit different cultural events organized in Prague. We can arrange tickets to visit the concerts, festivals, galeries, exhibitions, museums, theatres /for adults and children as well/. 

For example one of the famous Prague theatres is the State Opera Prague, which has already been opened on the 5.1.1888 as the Prague German scene. Gustav Mahler, Richard Straus, Felix Mottl, Enrico Caruso, Tino Pattiera and others performed in the Opera. The next one is the National Theatre that symbolizes a will of the Czech nation to be independent. The whole Czech nation including emigrants participated in the building of the Teatre. The foundation stone was laid on the 16th of May 1868 during the official ceremony. The National Theatre has several scenes: historical building, the Estate Theatre and the Theatre Kolowrat. On the scenes of the National Theatre you can hear opera, drama or to see a ballet. The Estate Theatre is inseparably connected with a name of the famous musical composer W.A.Mozart.

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