Prague Castle, Royal Garden and Stag Moat

Besides a visit of Prague Castle interiors the Tour also includes visit of the Royal Garden and

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The Old Town Tour

The Tour is especially made for the persons staying in Prague for more days and wishing to get to

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Franz Kafka and Prague

Franz Kafka is known as one of the most famous German writing writers in the world and in Prague as

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Prague Architecture

There is no doubt that Prague is considered as an unique book of architecture under the open sky.

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All Prague in One Walk

If you visit Prague for the first time and wish to see the most important Prague monuments then

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Jewish Quarter

According to an information from the old written documents Jews in Prague has already appeared in

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Vyšehrad Visit

If you stay in Prague for more days and wish to see a place connected with the old Czech legends

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Prague Castle Tour

The Tour is dedicated to a history of Prague Castle only. Foundation of Prague Castle goes back to

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Boat Trip

During one-hour boat trip you will see the most important Prague´s monuments like Prague Castle,

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