The Golden Lane

The Lane is a very picturesque and one of the most visited corners of Prague and Prague Castle. The

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The Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock is the biggest Prague´s attraction. It was created by master Mikuláš of

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The Stairs and Stairways

A very broken relief of the capital city already made a necessity of a building of many stairways

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The Prague Turk

The Prague Turk is artistically the most valuable and admired Baroque sculpture on the Charles

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The Prague Sun

The Prague Sun is the most valuable object in a collection of the Loreto treasure. It is so called

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Prague Towers

One of Prague´s attributes is a "hundred-spired". A father of this name was a mathematician,

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Prague Infant Jesus

It is the most known an ecclesiastic remarkableness in a catholic world. It is a famous wax statue

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Powder Gate

The late Gothic gate called Powder is one of the symbols of the Town. Its construction started in

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It is only one of its kind a specific culturally educational institution in the Czech Republic. The

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