About Me

Martina Tomková

My name is Martina Tomková. I have been working as a professional tourist guide for ten years.
Between 1986-1992 years I graduated Moscow Textile Academy in former Soviet Union. Between 1993-1994 years I worked in Sweden. After passing out of a retraining course I started to work as a tourist guide.
Profession of guide is not only my work but also my hobby. I offer excursions in Czech, English and Russian languages. I offer an tailor-made approach, negotation skills and a good knowledge of the tourists coming especially from the countries being a part of the former Soviet Union.
I completed all exams and got all licenses confirming a high level of the offered services.

A few words about profession of guide

Some people think that profession of guide is a very easy job. " We only walk with tourists and then we get a lot of money. I would like to point out that it is more to the contrary.

Firstly, a professional guide must be a person very well oriented in the world events, must know very well a history, culture, customs of the place where he guides the turists and moreover all it he speaks in a foreign languague. To learn any foreign languague on a communication level is very demanding and difficult and then more difficult is to keep this level.

As a matter of course the guide works throughout the year mostly outdoor at any weather, I point out once again a weather doesn´t make a difference. In summer sometimes he guides at a temperature 35-38 °C, in winter equably even in the biggest frosts. So that it means that any guide must be physically fit and strong person.

Of course any profession has its ilnesses. The guides usually have problems with the vocal cords because of frequent speaking. The guide has to educate itself all the time and to support information. Then he works with people. Any work with people is one of the most demanding job from a point of view of psyche.

The guide of course works both with individuals and with big groups. Any excursion must be very well done not only expertly but also organizationally. In case of any problem the guide is always responsible. So that the guide must have a good balance of mind and has to know very well a mentality of the nationality he works with.

As you can see, it is not an easy job. That´s why it must be done by a man, who love it and for whom it is a mission. Because according to a guide the tourists make an image of our country. If a guide makes a bad impression the tourists think that all Czech are the same as a guide. But of course this is not a true.

The guide is something as a politician - diplomat. He converge nations, helps to getting to know a culture of his country and thereby helps to prevent from hate for nations, xenophobia etc. I would like to declare that guide is an equally important person as the politicians or president because it mainly depends on him, what kind of impression the tourists get about the Czech Republic.

Despite of all demands it is a beautiful profession, which enriches a live of a man, who love it and for whom it is a mission.

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