Czech Cuisine

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Czech cuisine is a very similar to German (Bavarian), Hungarian and Austrian cuisine. In a difference of Italian and Greek cuisine the Czech traditional food is not too healty and not to easy digestible. Probable it is also one of reason of the highest percentage incidences of colon canser. Although, especially young generation has already changed its dietary habits a long time ago.

In the Czech Republic the soups are one of main courses of meal, especially soups like:

Meat bouillons: beef soup, chicken soup with a different ingredients and pastina, prepared vegetables and vegetables spices. Pastina is an ingredient used for soups that is boiled in a soup for a some time. Pastas are mostly cereals, semolina, semolina groats, oat flakes, rice and millet grains. The eggs, yeast or offal (liver, spleen) are also used as a pastina ingredients. Other very popular pastina is batter pastina made out of flour and eggs like: pastas,batter and dumlings/gnocchi. 

Roux soups, legume soups and dairy soups, with meat, smoked meat or offal.

Traditional Czech soups are: potato soup, garlic soup, goulash soup, tripe soup, beef soup with liver dumplings and noodles, cabbage soup, mushroom soup.

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